Feb 2006 Visit – Hedge Cutting

One year on from when we first saw the house as prospective buyers. The high hedge was always something we wanted to sort out. Legally it should have been only 2 metres in height, we measured it at Christmas and found it to be about 3.2 metres. So something had to be done. We would never have been able to tackle it ourselves, the stems were too thick and the amount of branches to get rid of would have taken so many visits to the local tip it would have been silly. So we called in the services of a local firm to set about the task of reducing the height and depth and make the hedge more manageable for us. And as you can see from the pictures what a difference it makes, the house is now visible from the street, the street lights now shine on the house, which is good for security. So whilst this was all going on outside Alison and I laid a new laminate floor in the third bedroom… just like that!

Hedge after being cut