Well our removers arrive tomorrow morning to take the bulk of our things away.

We have been working flat out these last four days. Both of us are shattered. And just when you thought you had cleared a room, you spot something else that needs packing or dealing with!

Once tomorrow’s load has been shifted to Ashford we then have the remainder of Monday and all of Tuesday to sort out the remaining things and to clean the house. It will be easier to do without all the boxes around!

Wednesday the removers call again to take the remainder and then we will be off to the Channel Tunnel to drive to the house.

Watch this space as they say!

1 thought on “Removers

  1. Steve

    Best of luck guys – I know very well what it’s like to move countries – we did four country moves in the space of 12 years (work relocations).

    Hope it all goes well for you.

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