The day of the move – 26 May 2010

Well after what seemed like a month of packing, our last day in Pembury finally arrived. Our removers collected our final things in the morning and we just had to finish tidying up the house and getting the car packed before handing over the keys.

It was a sad moment in some ways. We had lived in that house for 24 years so lots of memories and friends of course, that will always be associated with it. But the moment we drove up the road with a very full car including George the cat, was also the start of a new adventure.

Because George was travelling with us we opted to travel via the Channel Tunnel, not the shortest route, but the most flexible one and we would be with George all of the time. We got the 14:55 train from Folkestone and we headed out of Calais at about 16:30, quite a late start really. Heading south from there towards Rouen, a part of the route I never really enjoy that much we had a few rain showers. So we didn’t disappear in to the sunset!

We got through Rouen quite quickly and we were back on the motorway for the next 200 or so miles to Saumur. We had quite a few stops to stretch our legs. We tried feeding George but he wasn’t interested. He travelled in the back of the car in a medium size dog cage so that he could stretch out and sleep if he wanted to.

We left Pembury with grey skys and about 13 degrees C, by the time we got near to Le Mans at about 10pm it was just starting to get dark and the outside temp was up to 15.5 degrees C.

Having done this journey more times than I can remember, it seemed like only a couple of weeks ago since we last did the journey rather than about 6 or 7 weeks ago. A sort of deja vu feeling to it. But the oddest feeling was that we wouldn’t be doing the return trip in a week or two’s time. This was it… well sort of…

We eventually arrived at the house after about 7 hours on the road including stops. We got George up in to the kitchen before getting him out of his travel cage and then got the car unloaded. And then bed… it had been a long day.

To close we would like to thank all our friends in Pembury for a great send off on Monday evening and on Wednesday.