Day 1 of life in France

So this was day 1 of our new life in France, it was slowly starting to sink in that this now home!

We woke early and got out. We had a couple of urgent things to attend to, including a late bill to pay which was due to a mis-communication/mis-understanding, so we wanted to get that sorted quickly.

The grass had grown quite a bit with all the warm weather, so I was itching to get the mower out. I set it to it’s highest setting and gave it a cut. I almost got it finished before the mower ran out of fuel, oh well, it looks a lot better. So I will get some fuel in the next day or so and give it another cut on a lower setting and hopefully it will start to look less like a meadow!

A quick visit to SuperU to stock up the fridge and freezer and then we were ready for lunch.

George is settling in well, we have let him explore the living room this afternoon and he enjoyed sleeping on the sofa.

I’ve altered the home setting on the TomTom and on various on-line accounts to France. It helps to get accustomed to the idea that this is now home..

Our furniture and belongings arrive next Wednesday so I will try to add some pictures to the posts here in the next few days.