Removal Van Arrives in Misse

Well it all arrived here on June 2nd. Since then we have been busy unpacking. Not completed yet, but we have made good progress towards getting the living area (upstairs) of the house sorted and liveable again. A visit to tip has got rid of one pile flattened cardboard boxes, so that shows a measure of our progress.

The problem we are mainly faced with is that having had two houses for the last five years, we have two of most things and then moving here, although we accounted for the large items, we forgot all the minor things that we have double or even treble of!! We won’t need to buy any glassware, bedding or  towels for some considerable time. Both of us need to rationalise our clothes too as we have run out of hanging space already!

We had a visit to Ikea at Tours last Friday, we picked up another chest of drawers in the same design as the two we already have, naturally we bought a few other things as well! But it’s not too far to go considering the size of France.