Our first month

Well we have now been here a month. It doesn’t seem like it, the time has flown by. Although I guess that’s because we have been keeping ourselves busy.

For the last three weeks or so we have been gradually unpacking, which as yet we haven’t finished, but we are making good progress. We have had a few minor difficulties due to having too many things!!

Well merging two households this is bound to happen. So we are doing the equivalent of a car boot fair in a weeks time to see if we can get rid of some of our unwanted items. For instance I don’t need two suits, both with two pairs of trousers! One suit is hardly going to get warn out here!! I also had quite a lot of clothes here as well as in UK so finding space for all of our clothes has proved interesting!! One of my jobs last week was to convert the wardrobe in to having two rails rather than one. It has worked out quite well. But I still need to sort through my shirts. We have also made some changes in the kitchen to increase the storage capacity in the cupboards. We are just about ahead of the game now.

But it’s not all been work and no play. I’ve enjoyed getting my own desk back again and getting set up with all our computer stuff in the basement office which is working well. I don’t think it will need much heating in the winter, the walls and ceiling are all well insulated and with all the PC stuff running it is quite cosy in there!

We have both been adapting to a different style of life out here. Our waking hours are definitely more relaxed, no alarms to wake us up unless we have an early morning appointment to get to, which is rare!

George the cat has settled in well, although he’s not quite plucked up the courage to venture outside yet, even if we leave the door open. He seems more than happy to sleep on one of the dining chairs or on our bed or hide under one of the beds in amongst all the linen bags.

This weekend on Sunday is the Pique-nique du quartier, sort of a gathering of all of our neighbours in the 30 or so houses in our small estate. We have attended most of the previous ones and you can see pictures of the events at our sister site Criox de Chambre I will take some photographs of the event for the site.

I’ve also revamped/built a new website for our property business LTPS. Work on this new site is more or less finished although I might add some different photographs to the site to change it about a bit.

We have quite a lot happening over the next few weeks so I will update the blog soon.