George the Cat

We have had George our family cat since about April 2003. We think he was about 2-3 years old when we got him from the Cats Protection people in Tunbridge Wells. Naturally he is like a lot of older cats he lazy’s around most of the day and demands food as soon as you wake up and from about 5pm onwards!

Unfortunately George is diabetic, so his feeding and insulin injections have to be regulated and controlled each day. But he has got used to it now and we don’t find it too much of a chore.

He is a very timid cat and doesn’t get on very well with other cats, but he is very affectionate… more so when he’s hungry I wonder why!

Our move here had to include George and moving him was part of our grand plan. We altered our normal route via Newhaven<>Dieppe to go via the Channel Tunnel so that we would be with George the whole journey. Otherwise George would have been left on his own in the car for the channel crossing which would have been for about 4-5 hours. A complete none starter really.

In the end we went via the Channel Tunnel, George travelled in a medium size dog cage, which allowed him to move around and sleep if he wanted to. In the end I don’t think he slept much on the journey here, although quite a bit of the journey was in the dark and when we got here he was let free in to the kitchen.

Since our arrival he has been kept indoors for five weeks and as you can see in the picture above he has settled in quite well!! This week we took the brave step of taking him outside to show him around the garden, we did this a couple of times. The second time he bolted out of my arms but ran straight back in to the house again… good sign we thought.

We then started to leave the door open at the front of the house about an hour before he would normally be fed, he ventured out on to the veranda a couple of times. Then yesterday he managed to escape via the kitchen window after eating but before he had had his morning jab. Anyway we got him back in again and then let him out again. He came in when he was hungry, but we think he spent most of the day curled up inside the laurel hedge! I guess it must be slightly cooler in there. It is certainly too hot for him to lay out in the sun here at the moment.

Today we have brought a cat flap similar to the one we had in UK, so once we have fitted it in the side panel of the French windows and once he’s been trained to come in and out that way he will be able to get in and out of the house easier.