Work bench

Following on from finishing the downstairs loo, I’ve managed to build myself an L shaped work bench in the corner between the existing bench that was there when we bought the house and the downstairs loo.

It’s not very heavy in it’s construction, just simple and strong enough for my electronics type work. I’ve also got lots of cupboard and drawer space to hand, as yet not sorted out or filled! It finishes off that corner of the basement and makes good use of the space. I’ve painted the wall, it’s all gradually getting painted, but I’m using up my white paint and the price here is crazy so it can wait until we next drive over to UK.

Apart from the worktops I managed to reuse cupboards etc that we had brought over from Pembury, so most of it is recycled, none of it matches! but that doesn’t really matter in this part of the house.  I’ve also put in a couple of mains sockets for lighting and powering things like my soldering iron, and test equipment.

Of course it now means I have to keep it all tidy! But I’m going to start sorting through all the various shelves in this area to put things of the same sort together.

The old computer trolley is next on my list to sort out, the machines on it don’t get actively used these days so I will be removing the reusable parts from the cases and taking the remainder to the tip.