Bathroom refurbishment

Work got under way in early November to pull our bathroom apart and rebuild it totally. We’d decided to rearrange the room so that the layout could include a separate shower enclosure as well as a bath and a pair of basins and more storage.

The cupboard which was in the bathroom has been reversed so that the doors will open on to the hallway instead of in to the bathroom. Once some slatted shelves have been added this cupboard will serve as our airing cupboard. There will be a thermostatically controlled electric tubular heater on the floor of the cupboard which should be more than enough for such a small enclosed area.

We decided on a shower enclosure from Leroy Merlin and a bath from Lapeyre, the basins and cupboards came from IKEA. The floor tiles are the same as the ones we had in our bathroom in Pembury, we were able to get some more from their supplier in UK. We bought some light wall tiles from a Mr Bricolage and lighting from IKEA and Screwfix. So, quite a mixed bunch of suppliers, but it’s all come together quite well.

There are still a few things to do to finish off such as papering above the tiles,  painting and grouting between the floor tiles. But we hope to be finished and tidied up by Christmas.

If you are in our part of France I can put you in touch with the excellent builder we used for this project.