Loft insulation.

Loft insulation, not a very exciting subject I realise, but if it helps save the planet and a few Euros for us then I suppose it will all help.

We are lucky to have a huge basement the same size as the house (over 100 sq metres) so there is no need to store anything in the loft. It’s not boarded nor does it have any lighting apart from natural light through some of the ventilation tiles on the roof. So it is also about 100 sq metres, quite big I suppose. There is a loft hatch over the stair case going down in to the basement; remember we live effectively on the first floor in this house.

So on investigation there was already some loft insulation in the loft, although I wasn’t sure how much. On closer inspection there was  about 100 mm(4 inches) in two layers laid at 90 degrees to each other, better than nothing.

Whilst collecting our shower bits and bathroom bits from Leroy Merlin in the van we noticed they had a sale offer on for insulation, this was way back in September (ok it took me a while to get around to laying it!) So we bought enough to do the whole loft with another 200mm(8 inches) So the loft now has about 250-300mm(10-12 inches) of insulation, which should keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.

The rolls of insulation where quite huge, 1.2 metres in width and nearly 6 metres in length, so they were a bit bulky to get up the ladder, we managed a couple, but we came up with a better solution using a pulley, some rope and a big luggage strap.

So suitably dressed with face mask and gloves I started work at one end of the loft and worked back towards the hatch and then did the same from the other end and then spent a while working out how to do the hatch itself.  In the end took the hatch down and stapled a layer of insulation to the top of it and then with a bit of heaving and cursing I got it back up the ladder and everything finished off.  It was tiring work and it took me about 3 or 4 sessions of a couple hours each to get the whole loft done, but it does look good now. Sorry I didn’t think to pop a camera up there! Not much to see really!

So another job is ticked off the ‘long term’ to do list…. next!!