So I cut the grass for the first time this year this afternoon, it has been needing doing for a couple of weeks or more. But today was nice and warm and sunny and we weren’t working today, so it was time to fire up the the mower.

The area of grass to cut is considerably reduced now with the pool having taken up some of the grass, plus the ground to one side of the pool needs to be landscaped and re-seeded if it’s going to be returned to grass. There’s a small bit under the cherry trees which took some getting to! I’ve got to go out with the spade next week to take out the worst of the uneven ground where the digger came on site to dig out the pool, so the mower can get to that part of the garden. The grass around the front of the house though is going to be spiked and treated with the equivalent of weed and feed in the next few days.

It won’t be long before we have to think about giving the hedge it’s annual cut, it’s been fairly dormant over winter, but it will start to sprout through April I suspect. But we will leave it until the end of April because by then we will have our new car with a towing hitch fitted to it. Yippee!!