Swimming Pool is finished and we are swimming!

So after quite a long build and installation the pool is now finished. It took over 24 hours to fill it, I estimate there are 37000 litres of water in the pool!

It started off at about 17 degrees, but gradually day by day it has been rising to a comfortable 27 degrees. The cover helps to warm up the pool as well as keeping out the dirt and the muck out of the water.

At night we can turn on the lights around the edge and in the pool itself.

Then when we want to swim in the pool we undo the fixing bolts and the cover rolls back to the far end and in we get.

We also have a solar heated shower which given a good sunny day gives us enough hot water to shower before we both go in to the pool and to rinse off when we get out. It’s on the right just out of the above picture.

As you can see we still have some work to do around the pool itself in terms of gravel to the edges and the garden in general, but this will happen given time!  A big thank you to ‘Handy Andy‘ for his hard work with getting the slabs and fixtures just right.