Garden and Pergola Update

It has been a while since our last update. We have been mainly busy doing work in the garden. The annual hedge trim is under way at the moment and nearly finished.

We have built the pergola at the back of the house which will form a path way to the pool once the plants are in and some gravel or stones are spread on the ground. It wasn’t too difficult to build, the hard work was in getting the footings for the posts in. Each one has about 20kg of concrete in each hole and then a foot bolted to the concrete and then the post sits in the foot like this:

The difficult bit I suppose was getting them all the right spacing from each other and also in line and at the right height out of the ground! But the finished result looks good.

We are in the process of raking out the stones from the ground and the stones are being ‘arranged’ on some matting around the trees as a sort of ornamental mulch. We have also managed to repair ground behind the house which was rutted when the digger came on site.

The pool is a big success it sits at about 28-30 degrees most days.