Driveway 2015

Time for an up date after so long! So back in September we started on remodelling or having our drive redone. The old driveway was quite narrow and the concrete was cracked in several places with weeds growing through the cracks. Additionally the old wooden gates were starting to rot quite badly and would have needed replacing soon anyway.

So Alison drew up some plans and we went around the various gate suppliers in the area looking for some suitable gates. We decided on a 4 metre sliding gate that would be electrically driven to one side behind the hedge as the best solution for the main gateway with a matching gate for our pedestrian entrance.

In early September the man with the digger appeared and started to rip up the old driveway and take down the old walls and dig out the new areas each side of the driveway down to a level that would give us a firm foundation to build on.

Then over the next few weeks our builder rebuilt the concrete block retaining walls which would be considerably stronger than the old ones and put in the foundations for the sliding gate and new side walls at the repositioned entrance.