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Hedge Cut – Finished!

Well it took us a while this year, but then again we were not in a rush to do it like we have been in previous years. Also Alison has really got to grips with the thicker wood this year and it’s been thinned out in places.

We also tackled the ends of the hedge where it joins on to our neighbours so we can just about walk between the hedge and the fence which you couldn’t do before!

Annual Hedge Cut

Well the annual hedge cut is well under way, not quite so rushed this year, we can now afford to take our time doing it. When we first bought the house back in 2005 the hedge was about 3.75-4 metres in height… way too high to even think about tackling it ourselves. Legally it should not be more than 2 metres in height on a boundary. So each year we have to give it its annual hair cut!

We are well equipped for this operation, dust sheets for collecting the clippings, high sided trailer for transporting the clippings to the déchèterie (tip), electric hedge trimmers and rakes etc.

This was the hedge when we bought the house in 2005

The hedge in 2005

Then in Feb 2006 we had a team of guys come in to give it a severe prune.

At last you can now see the house, and more importantly we could see out!

So here is were we are with this years cut, as always we start on the outside and work out way along the outside face and the top, still to do is the short bit to the left hand side of the gates and then the inside and the top inside, but it’s looking smarter already.