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Downstairs Loo the final installment!

This has taken a bit longer than expected, but we are pleased with the end results. We went to get things like door handles and other accessories on Saturday and between watching the Grand Prix and Top Gear I managed to get quite a bit done. There are a few minor detail things to finish off… isn’t there always. But it’s all up and running now and it’s so nice to have a working loo just next to the office rather than having to chase upstairs to the other end of the house!

As you can see in the first picture I’ve also put up some kitchen cupboards ex-Pembury on the outside wall of the loo, this is where I’m going to have my electronics workbench which I will be building sometime in the next few weeks.

Downstairs Loo III

Well the major works are finished and the loo is now all working. Still to do is some tiling and decoration which will happen sometime next week. This weekend we will be having a big clean up around the house now all the dust has settled!

The small alcove to the right of the door will have some shelves added to it for storage of small items, towels, soap etc. We also have a mirrored corner cupboard and a towel rail to go up.